Upright Monuments

Natick Memorial Works has a variety of different styled monuments to memorialize your loved ones with.
We will work closely with you to ensure that the monument is customized just right in remembrance of your loved one.
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Holding a Candle — Monuments in Natick, MA

Upright Monuments

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All of our monuments are customized to the family's wishes. With all work done on site we will work with you to the bring your ideas to creation, call us at 508-653-4860

Civic Memorials

Natick Memorial Works also creates civic memorials to honor those who have lost their life. We will work closely with you to ensure that the memorial is built to exact specifications. We will start with a sketch and then move to full scaled plans. We are also available to restore and repair an already constructed civic memorial. With over four generations of experience, we can solve many common problems that arise.

Memorial Cleaning

As time passes, memorials can get stained, dirty or develop lichens. This is caused from air pollutants, trees, birds and other sources. Natick Memorial Works will go on site and ensure the monument is cleaned and restored it to the best of our ability.